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Tips for Designing Your Hair Salon Storefront

A salon and the owner
As with any business, your first step in opening a hair salon will be to find the right location, specifically one that will attract your target clientele. That location even if it is the right spot — may not be set up to create your vision for your salon brand.

As you plan how to overhaul your new space into a hair salon, give special consideration to the storefront. Below are some tips for setting up an inviting storefront for potential hair clients.

Start with the Glass

As with any business, potential clients' impressions begin before they even walk in the door. You want your hair salon to feel open and inviting, and a glass storefront goes a long way to create that ambience.

An open glass storefront allows potential clients to see inside. That vision helps them know the feel of your salon — an essential part of deciding on a beauty service. You want potential clients to picture themselves getting beautified in your hair salon.

Brainstorm Storefront Glass Shapes and Ratios

One of the ways you even attract potential clients is by gaining their attention. Your storefront is one of those attention-getters. You may want to extend the glass around the side of your storefront so the lobby or other displays grab the attention of passersby. Generally speaking, approximately 60 percent of the storefront should consist of glass.

What's more, services such as hair coloring and makeup application benefit from access to natural light. Therefore, extra glass in the storefront ultimately benefits your business from a service point of view.

Design the Signage on the Glass

You want more than just empty glass for your storefront. Many salon owners use the expanse of glass as an opportunity to market their business. At bare minimum, you'll want to consider incorporating your salon name or logo. You may want to include your phone number as well.

The storefront glass is also a space where you can show some of the creativity that naturally goes with the beauty industry. You may want to include typical signs of the business, such as locks of hair and cutting shears. For a more modern look, you may prefer a concise listing of some of the services your salon provides.

Consider Awnings and Other Signage

Along with glass, many owners incorporate awnings and other signage to draw attention to their business. The awning can be a practical matter that helps shield customers from the elements as they enter the front door. However, you can also have them customized with your salon name or logo. The awning may take the place of a business sign.

Conversely, you may choose the clean look of a business sign. Even if you display your salon name on the storefront glass, clear signage helps potential clients identify where your business is located. You'll want signage that's clearly visible from the street or parking lot so new clients don't have to hunt your business down.

Plan Ahead for Future Displays

Storefronts help gain attention of passersby and inspire them to walk in — that's the goal anyway. To that end, you want to plan for what they see as they draw nearer. A welcoming lobby is a good start. However, you may also want to create displays, say of retail products. Consider the space just on the other side of your glass storefront for how you might create such displays.

Lighting is a big factor in storefront displays. You'll want such lighting to maintain your brand's identity. So, if you're aiming for a modern ambience, you may want colorful LED lighting around the glass that spotlights your product displays. Conversely, you may want to create a cozy atmosphere with indirect lighting, perhaps underlighting from below the glass.

Start your salon brand story with a storefront that welcomes potential clients to walk right in. Let Blue Ridge Glass Inc. design and install a glass storefront for your new hair salon.


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