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How to Design a Custom Spa-Like Shower

Spa-Like Shower
Many homeowners have a dream bathroom that reminds them of a spa resort. The spa theme is, therefore, one of the most popular designs that people choose when planning a remodel or new build. As part of your resort style bathroom, design a custom shower with a spa ambiance.

Start With Natural Materials
Whether modern or old-world, resort spas usually feature natural materials. While tile is a gorgeous material for your shower stall, consider tiles in earth tones with a matte glaze. Otherwise, look into natural stone veneer for the stall surround. You can also have natural wood or wood composite for the stall or for the area around the shower.

Choose Your Showerhead and Sprays
One of the most popular showerheads for spa-like showers is the rain showerhead. This style of showerhead collects the water in its oversized well and lets it trickle down like a gentle rain. Rain showerheads can be mounted via an arm, or you can have them installed in the ceiling.

For a truly spa-like experience, you'll want to include directional sprays. Contractors install these jets into the shower wall and direct them so they spray a concentrated stream of water. Their goal is to massage specific areas of your body. You can choose a spa shower panel with preselected sprays or customize them yourself.

Plan the Layout
A spa-like shower usually encompasses a fair amount of space. Indeed, you can expand the walk-in shower to encompass an entire wet room, including a soaking tub. If that's too grand, at least plan enough space to have seating which can help facilitate grooming tasks. Likewise, consider adding a second showerhead, perhaps a hand-held spray, to further facilitate your bathing routines.

Have a Glass Enclosure Installed
Current trends in bathroom design call for enclosing a walk-in shower with glass. This trend holds true for a spa-inspired shower as well.

You have different options for your glass shower enclosure. One popular choice is framed glass, which features a metal framework to provide structure to the enclosure. Another option is the frameless glass enclosure, which relies on heavy-duty glass instead of metal framing for structure. If your stall is big enough, then you can also have the door omitted.

Glass comes in different levels of transparency. The most transparent glass is manufactured with low iron, which eliminates the greenish tinge common with standard shower glass. On the other end of the spectrum, you can choose frosted or etched glass for privacy. You can also choose switchable glass, which features a film that turns opaque at the flip of a switch.

Add Planters
Plants are another addition that conveys a spa-like ambiance. As part of your shower layout, consider having built-in planters installed. The planters can be tucked into a corner or anywhere along the wall. If you want more adaptability with your planters, consider adding a special shelf. Glass is an ideal material for this installation as well.

Consider Adding Media
Another method for promoting your shower's ambiance is with media. For example, if you're having surround sound installed in your bathroom, make sure there's a speaker in the shower stall. Otherwise, plan a nearby shelf for a speaker.

Likewise, consider chromotherapy lighting, which is colored LED lights that can be integrated with your showerhead or installed separately. Chromotherapy is based on the theory that color affects mood. In other words, you can change the color of the light based on your mood.
Include Ambient Lighting
Even if you don't want your lights to change color, you still need sufficient lighting. Waterproof recessed lights are probably the most common option. However, consider layers of light to promote different moods. For example, you can have full lights for waking you up in the morning or dimmed lights for a relaxing shower.

A custom shower is a good place to start for your spa-like bathroom retreat. Let Blue Ridge Glass Inc help you design and implement your custom shower.


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