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Give Your Home a New Look

Glass isn’t always just glass.
Depending on the quality of the glasswork or the crafting of the piece, your windows and facades can do more than just give you a good view. They can accentuate your home by letting light in, changing the quality of your lighting and giving your exterior and interior an extra shine.
It’s a difference in quality that you have to see to believe. What’s more, it can be yours for an affordable price. Consult with Blue Ridge Glass Inc to learn about our custom glasswork services. We can treat everything from your front door to your rear bathroom and leave all of it in immaculate beauty.

Custom Glasswork

When it comes to your glasswork, you shouldn’t settle for store-bought options. Instead, consider investing in personalized services and products. They’ll last longer and look better.

Flexible Renovations

No matter which room of your home you’re renovating, we have options for you. From bathroom mirrors to bedroom windows, our glasswork is pristine and powerful.

Redefine Your Home’s Beauty

You might consider your home to be livable, but is it as perfect as you want it to be?
Consider your options by working with us. For more than 21 years, our team has helped homeowners and businesses throughout western North Carolina to do more than just piecemeal renovations. We bring their natural lighting and property aesthetic to a whole new level.
Settle for more than average. Come talk with us and find out just how miraculous a custom glasswork option could be for your next big project.
“These folks could not have been more friendly and helpful! We took them a small table with a hexagonal glass insert top late on a Thursday and they had it done Friday morning. We left the table and they made the glass fit perfectly, and ground down the edges. They do everything from commercial, to shower enclosures to frames.” —Marbil Baity